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When you hear a loud, snapping noise from your garage then maybe it is springs that got broken. Garage door springs break when it finally reaches its lifespan period, which is measured through cycles. Cycles are determined by the going up and going down. Whenever your garage door is opening and closing, the springs are getting stretched (when opened) and recoiled back (when closed). Thus, the frequency of spring replacement depends on the frequency that your garage door is being opened and closed. Garage Door Repair Broken Springs perform an excellent spring replacement in the most cautious way possible. You must be aware that springs are highly dangerous and that spring replacement should be left to the experts.

There are two types of springs that are commonly used for a garage door – the Torsion and Extension Springs. Garage Door Broken Spring Repair has it all for you in varying sizes and lifespan options. When replacing springs, you must be accurate about the size and type of springs to install. It must be appropriate with the size of garage door because if not, the springs will just fail again and may result in greater damage. There are lifespan options for springs that you could choose from. Standard springs got 10,000 cycles while the high cycle springs got 50,000 cycles which can be used for about 15 years long. Whether the standard and high cycle kind of springs, you are assured that our experts deliver you the top quality service.

For any spring repairs, call our professionals as immediate as possible. Even though it's only one spring that got broken, it's most likely that other springs will follow the same fate especially if all are too worn out already. Springs can snap in much forceful tension that when it accidentally hits somebody, it can get that person badly injured or worst, it can get him killed. Therefore never attempt to do-it-yourself the repairing or replacing but let the inform us to handle it for you.

Springs are among the most important moving parts of your garage door. It carries much of the garage door's weight, with the aid and support of opener. When it gets broken, it will be impossible for you to open up; insisting to try will be really dangerous. However, spring repairs don't always require replacement. There are instances that springs simply don't work but once checked, there's no broken spring found. Spring adjustment is all that is needed for such case and only the professionals from us can rightfully perform it. It is important that you have your springs checked regularly so you can have it replaced as soon as you notice that it's completely wearing out.

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